Simplicity. Just stopping and enjoying the journey. Breathing. 

I preach this quite often, but lately I had forgotten to do it myself.  I made my son a promise before he was born: to slow to his wonderful pace. I didn't entirely know what that meant, but I read it somewhere and it sounded good and I was in that Earth Mother phase of pregnancy, the one where if someone had lit a fire in my backyard I probably would have danced naked around it while howling at the moon.

The last few days I have reconnected with that promise and found joy in simplicity again.  I have run on the beach, spent hours drawing trains, picked flowers, hid under blankets, played with pipe cleaners, made music with saucepans, pretended I was a puppy, explained how pretty much EVERYTHING works, pretended I was a crane, painted, rolled on the grass, climbed a tree, looked at the stars, danced in the lounge room, made a kite..............
I didn't have any more time than I had a week ago, I haven't neglected anything else - I just stopped being in such a rush! 
This morning I went for a run and I found myself leaping, it was amazing just to feel myself moving and not caring where I got to!  

Oh what a joy it is to slow down!
It's so easy to get overwhelmed with everything you want and forget about what you already have.
The last few days I have looked at my life and who I am and thought  'life is good'.  

There is nothing else I need. 

I am healthy (exciting to be able to say that), I have an amazing son, a beautiful home, I have a loving and supportive family and wonderful friends.  


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