Every fat girl knows how to angle the camera just right. Yep, that's it.. you put the camera on a 45 degree angle too your face and HEY PRESTO! Skinny chick! For years that was the only kind of photo I would allow and when I was asked to supply photos to Shape magazine for a profile I was stumped. First the only before pics I have are the ones we took for the 12WBT and 2 from my sons welcoming day. 
I feel sad that I am not included in any photographic memories of my sons life prior to the 12WBT and that events like his welcoming day exist in memory rather than in pictures. But... nothing to be done for that now.
Today I had to have some photos taken for Shape, the wonderful Meagan Mendels came to the rescue and agreed to take the shots.
I was a horrible subject - everyone who knows me knows that I'm a poser - but I froze, I couldn't remember how to let someone take my picture.
But thanks to Meagan we got there :)

Annette Steele
8/20/2012 11:58:34 am

Cathy you are an amazing beautiful person. As I wait for Round 3 , my first 12 WBT round, I have been looking at the forums and blogs for inspiration. Someone to follow who is similar to me. You are that person. I am starting Round 3 because I realized finally that life will go on and the journey is about so much more than excersise and diet. I look forward to following you as you celebrate your success and continue to enjoy life


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