It has taken me longer to add a new blog post than it should have  - I was going to give a list of reasons that are all true - house painting, grumpy toddler....

Although true - it wouldn't have been the truth.
So why? 
Because I froze, I looked at the stats page, realised people were actually reading this and I froze. I thought I had to write something interesting and witty and profound, I couldn't do that, so I wrote nothing. 
The same thing occurred after winning an award at the round 1 Finale - I froze, I became withdrawn, I thought I had to be "Inspirational" and I had no idea how to do that. 
I was petrified when I met 12WBTers - because I felt like I was expected to be something that I am not. I thought they would be disappointed. 
After winning the award my main thought was - how do I be this person? what is expected of me? 

Then it dawned on me - Nothing, nothing is expected of me. If you are reading this blog you are reading it for your own reasons, you don't want to know about ME - you want to know about YOU! 
And maybe somewhere in my journey you might just find another little bit of you.

The Inspiration I get from people like Michelle Bridges or John Lennon or Ben-does-life doesn't belong to them - they don't walk around with a big ol' sack of inspiration like Santa Claus - it belongs to me.  I always carry it with me and sometimes I look at someone else's journey and I take that sharp inspirational breath and I let myself have a little piece of it. 

So... I will continue to write and I promise not to try and inspire you. :)

6/12/2012 03:46:06 pm

Oooh, love Ben does Life!

6/12/2012 03:48:21 pm

So, I am not going to say what an inspiration you are - even though its true ;)

But you are right - expecting someone to inspire us is almost the same as waiting around for the motivation fairy to do her magic.
So keep blogging to motivate yourself - and I'll keep reading just because I enjoy it! And I know its not going to stop me getting closer to my goal. ;)

Leonie x


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