Hi Guys! This is a request to be extraordinary - it's not a big thing, but it is a huge thing!

So... this weekend it's time to do something extraordinary! Pick an amazing place and walk, ride, swim, run, climb your way there and tie a blue ribbon on a rock or a tree or something. Maz, a 12WBT has a friend who's little boy is fighting for his life - this dedication is for Lachlan.

This was Maryan's post - 

Maryan Bourke
My next week's session's will be dedication to a little boy who is the world to his mum and dad after his sister was born sleeping last year. He's 11 week's old and fighting the flight of his life. His mum took him to hospital last night and he's bleeding internally and his liver has shut down. Praying like a mad woman that he pull's through.
So if your driving aaround my neck of the woods and see a woman at the gym or out running bawling like a bitch, you know its me.

Photo's would be fantastic guys!

So between now and Sunday - do something extraordinary!!!!



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