Now, as much as I love Mish, I wouldn't want to carry her around all day! 
That's what I used to do. My poor body had to lug around the weight of Mish.
When I signed up to 12WBT in September I had a BMI of over 50, I was morbidly obese and doing things like sitting and standing had become a challenge, breathing sometimes too.

Today I am plain old overweight.
My challenges are things like climbing mountains and running, I choose my challenges.

I have many celebratory moments since September last year, but this is the one that has brought me to tears. For me it means a shift of mindset, I have to stop thinking of myself as the fat girl - it's a hard one to change, but I'm learning.

I am so thankful for soooo many things but there are a few that I wanted to mention...
I am thankful that this program was there at the right time
I am thankful to Mish and Amelia and Gabi and all of the 12WBT crew - you have been with me for every single kilo.
I am thankful that I have been able to share this journey with the fabulous 30+ crew - OMG you guys rock!
I am thankful that my body has forgiven me so easily and then when I ask it for one more step it obliges 
I am thankful for all of the amazing inspirational people I have met along the way, some of them I am now lucky enough to call friends
I am thankful that my father got sick (I know that seems weird) because if he hadn't, I may have never been ready to begin this journey
I am thankful for my son, who is always a reason and who's favourite new game is "Run Mummy Run"
I am thankful that I feel like I have come home

My life is truly transformed - This hasn't been my 12WBT, it has just simply been my T.

Thank you all again.


Me and my body have made a deal... I ask it to do the impossible... And it does